Do you have what it takes to set a new course record? The course record challenge is always active at Swing Evolutions and gives you a great way to challenge yourself and earn some rewards for it!
  • Break any existing course record and receive a $10 Gift Card
  • Establish a NEW course record and receive a $5 Gift Card
    • Maximum Score of 89 in order to establish a new course record
  • NEW Break any existing course record set by the owner; Charlie Bross; and receive a $30 Gift Card!
Here's how it works
  • Choose a course
  • Pick a Tee (Junior tees for SRs/Juniors Only, Ladies tees for Ladies Only)
  • Courses must be played with Default Pins, Normal Conditions, No Mulligans and 6' Gimmies.
  • Let a Swing Evolutions associate know that you will be attempting the Course Record Challenge.
  • After the round is complete, the scorecard must be verified in order to claim the new Course Record.
Premium Course Records
Regular Course Records